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Thank you iClick. Appreciate your commitment to my orders. Love your "Get it done!" attitude. You make it so easy to do business together.
The service level is fantastic. Stephanie is over the top helpful & patient. Their pricing and sample policy is also great. They really are a supplier I love doing business with!
Solution sovlers - helped with a very quick turnaround that made my client happy!
iClick is a wonderful supplier to work with. They produce quality items in a very quick lead time and competitive pricing!
I have always been a big fan of iClick and your products and services are excellent. You are ALWAYS my go to for USB and tech products. Keep up the great work that you do!
Your customer service must be the best in the industry. The final product was perfect!! Thank you!
Everything with your teams over there, made my order a breeze. From ideation and working with our Sales Rep on pricing and USB options, to then working with our Account Rep on getting everything approved and into production... to then be able to ship by our in-hands date! Definitely have some great people over there, and I will keep you guys in mind for future projects.
I’ve been a distributor for 34 years and I want you to know how much I have appreciated iClick’s professionalism. Your level of customer service is the gold standard (and your “brand” as far as I’m concerned). It’s a cut above all other suppliers. Your products speak for themselves.
Your team is amazing and always a pleasure to work with. My only regret is that I don't have enough business to send you. But when I do - you guys are my first choice. Thank you for all you guys do.
Jeff G.
First can I tell you how EXCELLENT you guys are? The service, speed, everything, is UNMATCHED. Especially these days. You guys have always been amazing, it really is noted and appreciated! I mean it is just crazy in the best way hahaha. I don’t know how you guys do it. And the thing is, I’ve been in the industry for 12 years and you guys have ALWAYS & CONSISTENTLY been like this the ENTIRE TIME. It’s unreal! Lol. I mentioned this when I got the request for feedback after my last order. For real, thank you! You make being a distributor a lot easier and way more fun!
Michelle B.
I wish I could clone your customer service team throughout the industry. The attention to detail, the knowledge base and overall ease of dealing with iClick is above and beyond most everyone in the promo space.
Sarah S.
You have a great company! The order was perfect, shipped on time and our client is very happy! I am a very satisfied distributor and love working with iClick!
Deb H.
I have to say that iClick is one of the VERY few suppliers we don't have repeated issues with. Everyone is always so quick to respond to my emails/questions, your production times are fast and spot on, and you consistently ship ON TIME. All things that are sadly rare now. Thank you!
Lori L.
Actually the whole experience was extraordinary. The new account and order process took no time at all and the order shipped days after I placed it. It was honestly wonderful. I spent 16 years on the supplier side before I made the switch and I was beyond impressed at the ease of process. Thank you to you and your team for making me look amazing and I look forward to sending as many orders as possible your way in the future.
Kim B.
I appreciate your high standards in everything you do. Your products are top notch, [as are] order processing, proofing, production, and shipping. You knock it out of the park every single time. I wish more suppliers were like you...!
Bruce M.
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic service that iClick provided with our first two orders. What a breath of fresh air! I have told every distributor I know about my experience. Perfect informational follow-ups, fast turnaround, and an online proof and payment portal! (Wow, I guess you don't live in 1995 like some other suppliers still do 🤣 ). I will definitely stop by your booth to meet your team. I look forward to working with iClick again.
Maria R.
How about positive feedback because we are BLOWN AWAY at the level of service offered by iClick. Kudos to the whole crew!
Desiree P.
iClick rocked! You exceeded both my and my client’s expectations with the product, service and most of all, turnaround time. In today’s climate of continual supply chain and lack of manpower issues, you were able to meet your promised timeline and it was very impressive. I wish you could teach the other 99% of our industry what your secret trick is to continue to provide excellent service during these still trying times. The product was direct-shipped to my client for a special event, but he was so excited he took time off his lunch hour yesterday to drive to our offices to show me the end product and tell me in person just how pleased he was and what a terrific impression we helped him make at his conference.
Traci C.
I can honestly say I love working with iClick... you guys have your stuff together. I never have any issues, you put out great products and your pricing is awesome. THANK YOU for being one of the few vendors that knows how to satisfy customers.
Miranda B.
I actually put in 2 orders this month and your rockstar sales staff came through with all the information I needed when I needed it. Then your production group did their magic and delivered perfect product both times making ME look like the super hero.We sure make great partners! We’ll definitely keep working together.
Joanne W.
Your service was fantastic! Since the pandemic order experiences have been very challenging with majority of suppliers. From beginning to end your service has been one of the best I have had in a long time. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have an order go through with no issues. Some of the requests on this order were not the norm but you and your team followed them through to perfection! I can’t thank you enough for the high level of service you provided us on this order!
Alex G.
I had about 5 different rush jobs all hit me within a day or two for a good client. To say your staff and customer service is great, is an understatement. I will say hands down the best ASI vendor customer service I have ever received. Then, to top it off, all 5 jobs came in complete, great quality and ON TIME for my customer. THANK YOU so much for everything during these uncertain times!!
Jayme S.
I had a flawless experience with everyone involved in my order. My client is thrilled and that goes without saying - if my client is happy then so am I. Because she would tell me. My rep was a dream - I wish all reps were so responsive and a complete delight to work with. I look forward to working with her again.
Gretchen N.
Your customer service is the best in this industry. You're the reason we keep coming back!
Mark T.
My customer switched from another USB vendor when she ordered these and she is thrilled! Hopefully will reorder every 10 months or so and thankful to have a great vendor like iClick to do business with!
Dawn T.
This is a wonderful company to work with - even when I make a mistake, they take responsibility. We need to do more business with this company and I recommend you do the same.
I also think they ought to put on a customer service school; I'd sure like to attend. From communication to order handling to problem solving; they've got it figured out and they really execute well.
Tyler R.
iClick has always met or exceeded my criteria. Other businesses could take a lesson!
Andee W.
You and your people are doing EVERYTHING right! You have an amazing staff. Your company stands out and we don’t say that often. You all know the true meaning of customer service.
Karen M.
So easy to work with y'all. Everyone is very nice, helpful, knowledgeable. The ordering process is easy, quick, and efficient. I wish more suppliers were like iclick!
Lori L.
The iClick members I worked with were all wonderful. They helped meet an end of month in hands date with time to spare and helped me to better understand how production and quotes for the flash drives worked. I really appreciate their help and support. You guys are truly great!
Mykal G.
Very professional and backs up their work 100%. Excellent products, outstanding service, quick delivery. I'm super happy and will order again.
Big Media
Incredible service, always helpful and always has a quick turnaround. Thank you iClick!
iClick was amazing to work with every step of the way!! We're so thrilled with the exceptional service we received and outstanding products!! 5 Stars!
Big Media
Every time I call or email iClick I get a very positive response. You come away that they are very credible and you want to do business with them.
The Vernon Company
Very happy with our relationship with iClick. Prompt, courteous and communicative. What's not to like about that?
Bayprint Image
Had the best experience with any vendor ever the day I chose to use iClick. Our rep goes above and beyond her role. She is amazing! 5 stars.
RDP Creative Inc.
iClick remains my favorite company to work with on USBs. Even if something goes amiss, they make it right immediately. Excellent value. High quality.
Carol W.
My experience was fantastic and I know that we will be doing more business when a customer has a need. This particular customer came upon an impossible deadline and iClick saved the day for us as well as for the customer. Nobody in my office thought it could be done! Ha! You proved them all wrong. Everyone I spoke with and communicated with was most helpful. Product arrived ahead of schedule and our company looks like the big hero! Tremendous job, great customer service!
Create A Good Vibe
iClick provides the best customer care service and products we have experienced in the promotional products industry to date! This was our first experience with iClick and it was excellent all-around! As a distributor we are excited about our partnership with them.
Postnet of Jackson
I deal with a lot - a lot - of vendors. You guys are the best. Streamlined process, prompt, and reliable. Appreciate your service.
In a world where we are often quick to criticize and not to praise, I have to tell you that you & your team are absolutely top notch and it is such a pleasure to do business with you. iClick is my first go to for promotional goods & I personally appreciate all you do for your customers.
Jocelyn S.
It was wonderful and easy!!! You guys always make things easy and do great work.
Michael N.
Very efficient process and very friendly team. Thank you so much!
Cassity B.
You all do it right each and every time! I have never had one issue with your team - and I am very thankful for that! You all are very quick to reply with quotes, virtuals or anything that might be needed to get the job done on time and on budget! Many thanks!
Ashley W.
We are very selective with our suppliers - and our clients - and want only the best and on trend. iClick is our "go to"!
Liz P.
I truly appreciate the quick responses and great service I receive whenever I work with your team.
Kelly D.
Very happy with your company... no, not just happy, you are one of the few BEST!!!
Dwight H.
I had a very positive experience with iClick - Abigail and Wendy were excellent in getting me quotes, renderings and also getting the product to the client on time (we were working on a tight timeframe of course). And most importantly, my client loved the end result.
Aaron M.
All was great! To be completely transparent, I actually reached out to two suppliers (you and someone else) and really what makes you guys win every time is how QUICKLY you send me pricing and VIRTUALS. That really seals the deal for me and it makes me look like a rock star to my clients. Thanks again for being so awesome.
Stephanie H.
It's always a pleasure to order from iClick. We always know it will be produced correctly, on time, and at the best prices. Than you for the great service. We look forward to working with iClick on future projects.
Monique S.
Everything was great! I never feel concerned about ship dates or order status when I have an order going with iClick. I like the email notifications that keep you informed along the way!
Jennifer S.
iClick is the best company out there for tech without a doubt. I just wish I had more business for you! Thank you for your service!
Dana H.
Daniel was great to work with. He went above and beyond to get my order out due to my error. Top notch company and service!
Jan R.
Your team takes good care of us... always!
Mike L.
Every time I use you, I am still surprised how great you are!!!
Dwight H.
I can't think of a single area where you could improve. Every experience I have had with iClick has been positive.
Alex K.
You guys exceed in response, customer service, and delivery. I appreciate the effort each time I do business with iClick.
Lauren G.
Things are typically great when we order from you and your team. In the rare instance there has been an issue, it's always rectified expeditiously in a respectful manner. iClick is one of the best supplier partners I have.
Rich W.
iClick is by far one of my most favorite suppliers to work with. Excellent customer service!
Julie W.
Since the beginning I have absolutely enjoyed working with the iClick group. Everyone without exception has been more than helpful. They have educated me on their product line and it has made the selling process a breeze. I recommend iClick to everyone that asks me about them. When I have a choice, I always go with iClick. You are a wonderful company and it must be nice even to work there. All the employees seem to be very happy in what they do. Thank you.
Lise B.
Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced in the industry. Keep up the good work.
Lindsay E.
I like how the iClick team works together and know products really well. I can send a picture of an item a client has and send to you while I'm on the road - and it's identified for me with price, before I make it back to the office. Free virtuals and incredible art team that make suggestions, help us make sales. Your specials make me SMILE. Your flexibility with less than minimum, creates goodwill. If something goes amiss, your team jumps in to make it right. I love weekly updated USB pricing emails with separate client pricing + mine. Innovative "wow" items! iClick is my 1st choice.
Christine M.
iClick is a fabulous company, not only do they have awesome, innovative products, but each member of their team is nice, friendly and easy to work with. I wouldn't go anywhere else for flash drive products!
Alex S.
I'm extremely happy with the service I received. You guys are the best!
Norma R.
As always, my clients wait until the last second to order. iClick and especially Abigail, were great in making this work. The client and I are very happy!
Marcia D.
You guys are a class act. Outstanding service, great to work with.
Kathy D.
You guys are fantastic! Wish you were on the East Coast!!! But the free shipping is awesome! Thanks!
Pam M.
Ordering with them is a dream. Jeff is so responsive and made the whole process painless.
Randye L.
Best of All: A Real Person answered the phone and was most helpful with all of my questions!
Kimbra K.
Love you guys! Great service and products. It's a relief to count on you.
Mary R.
I am impressed with the speed and responsiveness you give to each order. I've dealt with a number of vendors and find this experiene quite a bit better than any other.
Lloyed R.
Your team is the best. Thanks to Abigail and Kristina, they were so very helpful. You are my number 1 choice for pens now.
Joyce B.
Jeff stayed on top of all of my art issues and I really appreciate that! Pen proof looks FABULOUS!
Dawn T.
I always turn to iClick for all of my USB needs. Your team reacts quickly, gives me great pricing and works with me to create an innovative product we put in the market. Thank you for all your support all these years!
Sara L.
Another outstanding job. Our orders in this category are limited. However, when we do create orders in this category, iClick is our 'go-to' vendor. Thank you for your great customer service.
Carl W.
I met the iClick team at ASI shows. Not only have Reggie, Gwen, and Marissa been helpful any time I call or email - all of your team members answering the phone are friendly and excited to help. Getting a sample pack a few days ago increased client interest quite a bit! I love handy weekly updates in 2 separate forms for me + client, to keep up with pricing. Free mockups will really help me sell you.
Christine M.
Jacquie and others have been phenomenal! Thank you! Helpful, patient and FAST!
Samantha A.
Incredible response to my orders. Great team!
Steve G.
I have had great service with iClick. The people, and products have been top notch. The order systems and proofing system is state of the art.
Michele M.
The whole team always LOVES working with you! Amazing customer service and beyond speedy responses and production. :)
Athena K.
Very user friendly and kept me up to date on every step which was extremely helpful.
Cheri M.
Honestly the best customer service, product, quick turnaround and fantastic company.
Carrie T.
You definitely know the meaning and practice of SERVICE. Love you, team. A super fan here.
Mary R.
Professional customer service, very friendly, helpful. Did not hesitate to promise to get my order out on time. Thank you so much!
Cheryl B.
iClick has always gone above and beyond expectations. I love it when a client asks for USB drives in a tight deadline knowing that iClick will get it done. :)
Dennis R.
WOW - so fantastic working with iClick - immediate service and flawless products.
Dyan G.
Quality products at competitive prices. Production speed options a major plus in becoming my go-to flash drive vendor for all jobs, including our own self-promotion.
Steve B.
You guys rock! Thank you for being courteous, on-time, and easy to work with!
Katie C.
Complete follow through from start to finish. Awesome communication.
Brent T.
Jeff extended outstanding customer service and resolved the issue at hand regarding the delay with customs. I truly appreciate everyone's efforts at iClick and would never think of going anywhere else for USBs for any of the products you offer.
Gladys S.
Love working with iClick! Professional, friendly, responsive and out-right the best.
Bobbi B.
Every time I work with iClick it is a wonderful experience. Jeff and TJ are so great to work with! I have a few clients that can be a bit demanding with rush orders and every time one comes up, iClick makes it happen. I truly appreciate the excellent customer service and diligence provided with every order I have here. Two big thumbs up! Keep it up guys... you ROCK!
Meg C.
Even though I have sources more local to purchase from I prefer iClick because quality is guaranteed and pricing is competitive plus the domestic and overseas programs work.
Bing M.
Issues with last order... everyone rolled up their sleeves, took part in the solution and set in place a program for making sure we did not repeat the errors. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. I spoke with people on all levels. Great recovery.
Randy E.
I was very nervous about this order. Everything came down to the wire as we waited for stock to arrive, but Abigail and Kristina took extra special care to ensure our order still shipped on time to make our client's event... Even though the stock ended up arriving late, just as we had feared. We're very happy, our client is very happy, and we will most certainly be back for more orders to come!
Alexandra N.
It is SO nice to call and talk to someone who can help EVERY time. This last order, I had to call back a couple of times with questions I forgot to ask. Even though the info was available on their very comprehensive website, I was in a hurry and calling was faster for me. They were patient and thorough. I have spoken to different people on different projects over the years and no one has disappointed me with their product knowledge and level of service!
Lisa W.
First order with iClick. I appreciate the same level of service from iClick that I provide my customers. Fast, easy, accurate.
Chris G.
Great experience working with iClick from the quoting to virtual proofs to delivery. Thank you so much!
Carrie M.
My ONLY disappointment is that your satisfaction scale only goes to 10. I was looking to click the rating of 10,000 but there wasn't one.
Matt L.
You guys and gals are always so helpful! My client is over the moon that you were able to process this order so quickly.
Gary P.
Not the first time I've placed an order with iClick and it definitely won't be the last. My experience with them is seamless ever time!
Beth H.
Always fantastic stuff. In all honestly, I have never not been 'WOWed' by iClick. I've been in the industry for 5 yrs now, and would never go another place for USBs. I always know I have a reliable, quick, and high quality product, with amazing customer service to boot.
Claire G.
I have been most impressed with the patience and service I received. this first order tried my impatience (ADHD). The customer just called and was so thankful he got the products earlier than expected and was surprised at the individual packaging. I think that we will "Click" because some of your folks on the videos are almost as silly as me.
Ted W.
Don't know if y'all realize this, but we placed this RUSH job at 1PM CST, and it is now 6:30PM and I have been notified that the job shipped. OUT-FRICKIN-STANDING!
John C.
Swag Connection has placed several decorator orders with iClick over the past few months. Jacquie Little has been amazing to work with. She responds quickly, is professional and courteous, especially when we have had many changes and issues on our end. Thank you for your continued good service by hiring great people like Jacquie!
Jeannine W.
iClick simply does everything better than any other supplier. Speed of response. On time delivery. Outstanding quality. Up-to-the minute status and updates. Outstanding staff from top to bottom!!
Lee C.
As always the kind folks at iClick provided the WOW factor. Not one of those suppliers you have to babysit; or wake up at 2 in the AM worrying about your Purchase Order.
Jill L.
You all are always AWESOME! You make ordering easy and we're confident to know we're in good hands and the order is being taken care of. Always a pleasure working with you all!!! Thanks so much!
Alina G.
You guys really came through for me in a crunch! From now on all my drive orders are going through iclick! I appreciate you!
Shyla M.
I LOVE working with your company! It's rare to find a company you can "count on" 100%. Thank you for making my job easier!
Gina B.
Great Job!!! you guys really know what you're doing and have it down to a science... :-)
Mike G.
You guys are the best. I have used no one other than you for USB products for 5 years now.
Mike S.
I was amazed by the great customer service, how quick and kind everyone was. How thorough they were, and that we got a proof on a 24 hour job.
Kristen D.
iClick is the company I can rely on when I need outstanding service.
Kathy D.
You are my top "GO TO" asi for USB. You are wonderful and easy to work with. I can depend on top quality product and service. Your the best!
Kathleen R.
As usual, iClick has exceeded every expectation I had with my order. Fantastic!
Steve Y.
You are my most favorite to work with. You are quick and efficient. Always going above and beyond for customer satisfaction.
Hilary A.
Really great, fast service. One of the best experiences I've had ordering a sample!
Jennifer M.
Placing an order with iClick is seamless. Even though the client procrastinated over several weeks making a decision, revised quotes were provided upon request.
Gloria F.
Fantastic customer service from start to finish, always extremely nice, professional and helpful! Great experience.
Mark V.
The level of customer service has always exceeded my expectations. 15 plus years in this business and I can honestly say that there are only a handful of companies that have the same level of dedication.
Mark V.
SO easy to work with! She got samples out to me the same day and assisted with virtuals. Our company loves working with iClick! I am excited to walk into my meeting tomorrow with top notch products and virtuals. Now, let's close some deals!!
Carrie H.
iClick is a great supplier and their customer service is outstanding. They keep you updated on the progress of your order and often ship prior to the requested ship date.
Ceil C.
Customer service at iClick is the bar that everyone should try to meet. Even with a "rush" order they partnered with me at every step of the process. From the initial conversation and quote, to the tracking number and follow-up on the order, they kept me informed and stayed in constant touch. As I tell my fellow sales reps- there is a reason iClick is the first name we think of when looking for a tech supplier!
Nancy L.
You are always a great supplier. Chelsea is wonderful to work with along with the whole iClick team. The communication and speed of response is unparalleled in the industry. I just wish we had more demand for your items.
Kevin F.
How do you improve upon perfection?!? Your customer service is beyond incredible, because when there has been an issue, your staff will "bend over backwards" to correct it in any way, shape or form to get it done!! This particular order was strange from the beginning, when we found someone else's pens mixed in with my customer's pens over a year ago when they first ordered; and so when they found more in the bottom of an unopened box this year Daniel Cheng set everything right and even gave them MORE pens to replace what we counted that weren't theirs. So thanks for your amazing company that continues to think outside the usual box: customer service being your #1 asset!
Jennifer C.
You guys are cooler than a polar bear's toenails!
Kelsey K.
You guys helped salvage another supplier's order that went bad... and you made it happen in the 11th hour. Your team was super easy to work with and very efficient. I will definitely consider iClick again.
Rob B.
Kylee was very quick to get me a quote and proof! I didn't get quotes from your competitors for days after the request. Your company was very accommodating with my delivery date and proof delivery. I would highly recommend iClick and will continue to use them in the future.
Lisa P.
Your Quality Control Team checked the order when it came in and noticed that the imprint was not the correct shade of blue - so they printed them in house and STILL shipped on time. My client will never know. You guys rock! Thank you for making me look good.
Kathy T.
Jeff B. went ABOVE AND BEYOND and did somersaults in order to get this job done. The turnaround time required was beyond brutal. We cannot thank him enough for coordinating this job and making it happen. Whether it was very early morning in Seattle (we are in NY) or late, Jeff would not let it go until it was complete. He also coordinated timing with our client who had a local representative that needed to test out the final USB upload files. Cannot thank Jeff and his team enough. Truly outstanding service.
Michael B.
Thank you for the excellent service. You guys are awesome. Customer communication is unmatched and quite simply, you always do what you say you're going to do. In this business, I can't think of a better compliment than that.
Richard R.
With the latest in technology you have changed the way sales are made. Your services are fantastic, quick and smart with polite staff. It was a pleasant experience which I will recommend to others without hesitation. Keep it up.
Evans T.
Everyone was incredibly easy to work with! Jennifer and Daniel are amazing!! Thank you so much for making this order go so smoothly. This order was for a new customer and I appreciate everyone's efforts!!
Amy B.
I need to mention first that Breann and Jeff are really great to work with and want to thank them for always working with me to find solutions on how to best assist our customers! Absolutely love when customers inquire about USB's because I can feel confident when I show them your top quality products. Congrats again to the iClick team on winning the Supplier of the Year 2014 award, you guys definitely deserve it!
Brian K.
You guys are always GREAT to work with!! I am confident whenever I place an order that my customer will be happy, and the order will ship on time. Thanks for the peace of mind!!
Jenny A.
In a jam - needed samples for a meeting in 24 hrs - BAM!!!! iClick delivered big!
Steve L.
I was amazed at how quick you turned this order around. Proof was quick with a second option offered for better results. I have used iClick in the past with great success but I believe you have even improved since then. Thank you for a great experience.
Lynne S.
iClick has one of the best customer service teams of any supplier in the industry. I really felt that my order was being taken care of from start to finish. So happy to work with all of you!
Janice T.
My experience has always been GREAT!! I never need to worry about quality of product or the responsiveness of the iClick team. Thanks!!
Debbie D.
Everything was perfect. The service, the rush, everything. I can't wait to work with you again.
Curt H.
Thank you for the prompt service. We also appreciate your website - easy to use and all information we need is on it.
Diane H.
My order shipped on time as promised and I was notified with the tracking number of my order. What else could I ask for? Great service.
Chuck D.
Woot! You guys turned my order around in basically one business day. Simply amazing!
Jessica L.
LOVE the iClick team, Jennifer F, Reggie G. and everyone else who touches my orders. It's great to get mockups and eproofs within an hour or two. Some production partners still take three days to send an eproof! LOVE you guys! Thank you.
David K.
I was amazed at how quick you turned this order around. Proof was quick with a second option offered for better results. I have used iClick in the past with great success but I believe you have even improved since then. Thank you for a great experience.
Lynne S.
You guys are always reliable and quick, but most of all I appreciate the excellent communication!
Gini T.
I love working with iClick!!! I know when I need a quote fast Breann Harper is always ready to jump on my requests. What I really love about iClick is that your staff actually reads my emails and requests - I don't have to go back and forth re-explaining my needs. My time is important and I am often on tight deadlines. Thank you for being such a great vendor to work with, I look forward to continuing to spread our client's brands through your products!
Amanda W.
Thanks so much for processing our orders with such speed AND accuracy! It's VERY appreciated in the special order dept. :)
Mandy H.
Love your company, production, customer service, everything!! I wish I had more things to order at the moment!
Aundrea W.
Claire was great to work with! I made a mistake on the ship method on my PO and she was quick to correct this and provide me with an updated confirmation in just a few minutes time. As always, iClick made this experience seamless and wonderful!
Jodi H.
iClick has been amazing to work with. TJ Vail is one of the best reps I have ever worked with. He has gotten proofs back to me in less than an hour. Also, he has made any edits that I need in less than an hour. I will definitely use iClick more because of TJ.
Jen B.
You are great to work with, accurate and always get it done. Thanks for the backup.
Pam S.
You did an amazing job getting the order produced and shipped so quickly! You are my one and only source for USB & mobile power packs! You have a great team of customer service and graphics staff!
Ron U.
How awesome is it to find a vendor who does what they say and seems to truly value their customers? I can tell you, it is stinkin' awesome! I have found so many vendors that act as though they are doing you a favor to help with an order and act put out when they actually have to do what they promise they will do. That is NOT the experience with iClick. What an easy transaction. Than you Team iClick!!
Britna S.
The team is always very quick to reply to emails. Quotes are sent back very timely and the team always asks what else they can do to help.
Shauni K.
I love dealing with you guys... Maddie, Kristina, Jeff, Mick and the whole team! You make my job so easy and with you I never have to worry about the quality or delivery. Thanks for being my almost 1-stop shop for everything.
Tina S.
I am very happy with iClick. Diana has been very professional, in constant contact throughout the whole process. It is such a wonderful thing to have customer service again.
Jo S.
This was my first decorate order with you and it went REMARKABLY awesome logistically. I am writing this before the client received them, but Jacquie did an amazing job babysitting this rush order and getting it out the door.
Nathan B.
I was so pleased with the service I received when I placed my order, that I went on to asicentral and gave a positive supplier rating to iClick. I have never done that before, but I felt the service warranted it. I received an immediate response from Jennifer Fairley with a quote. When I placed my rush order, Daniel Cheng provided me with excellent customer service from the proof thru receiving the tracking once the order had shipped out. The invoice followed the following day so I was able to invoice my customer the minute they received the product. This process couldn't have gone more smoothly and I will be using iClick exclusively for all usb drives in the future.
Kim A.
You guys are the best! You took an order that was a real rush and made it happen. Thanks for making me look good.
Debra F.
From start to finish, your customer service is second to none! Thanks!
Sue G.
Your customer service is far superior to any other supplier & we love working with you. Thank you for running such a wonderful business!
Jenn A.
After several rounds with the artwork and garment changes midway, we got it taken care of and everyone was friendly througout (even though I'm sure they had to take a deep breath when they saw my emails come in!) They also met my ridiculous in-hands date and we were able to avoid overnighting apparel - ALWAYS a bonus!
Anna H.
iClick is so impressive. Their attentiveness to each order is second to none. I'm also appreciative of the speedy proof turn around time. If they make a mistake, they take ownership immediately and have your art back to you within 30 minutes on most occasions. It's been a pleasure working with them.
Colleen E.
Your customer service and sales staff are not human. THey are SUPER HUMAN!
Les K.
Every part of the process was perfect! I love working with Claire and the whole team!
Laurie D.
You do a fantastic job on all fronts. Order process couldn't be any better. We quote you all the time and I know the rest of the sales staff is using you too.
Tracey K.
I needed a two day turn around on polo shirts. Claire, Jennifer and Jacquie made it all possible and my new client and huge prospect is already starting to place more orders with me!!
Candice J.
Everyone from iClick worked so hard to get my 24-hour turn around order out the door. I sincerely appreciate everyone's efforts. From beginning of the quoting to the end of shipment, I had awesome service. Your pricing was the best pricing out there, as I did do some comparison shopping. I will for sure use iClick again and again.
Brenda O.
You're simply the Best! I tell that to everyone I meet who wants to purchase flash drives. The staff is super friendly and goes above and beyond what everyone thinks is "Great Customer Service".
Iris K.
Your customer service dept. is one of the best I have come to know in this market. Jennifer Fairly is fantastic and it always amazes me how quick her response time is, especially considering the difference in our time zones! The challenges do exist with lead times but adding the 3 day select service at ground rates has really helped in that respect. Keep up the good work – I appreciate your follow-through!
Jen R.
I am beyond impressed with iclick and I will definitely be bringing all of my USB drive business to your company. A week before I ordered from you I had another USB order with a different supplier and they messed up and the package was 4 days late to my client, after that I placed my next USB order with you and you guys were able to get it delivered the day before the deadline. So needless to say you really impressed me and I will be back for sure.
Sam L.
Everyone was so helpful with this order for a particularly difficult customer. I definitely appreciate the "above and beyond" service. iClick is now my "go to" company for flash drives.
Diana D.
Daniel was awesome - we made shipping address and shipping method changes at the last minute and he got the order changed quickly and STILL got the order shipped out last night... iClick is going to be my 1st choice when I need drives... thank you.
Linda K.
You really helped me get out of a bind. No question, I will be using iClick for all future USB orders. Thank you so much for your help and making me look good to my client.
Sam L.
I LOVE your fantastic customer service. Absolutely exceptional service. The first time I called I tht I got lucky talking to such a nice, efficient and helpful young lady. Then, in my next couple contacts I realized everyone at iClick is like that. Oh, you should write a book to tell the world how you find good people and train them. You all made it fast and easy and I will now be selling more flash drives and I will only work with iClick. Thank you!
Kerry Anne C.
I love iClick, can't say it enough! Super easy to work with. Always striving to make sure the customer is happy. Great communication. If there is a mistake, it is quickly resolved.
Leslie H.
Your company is absolutely the best to do business with! Your customer service and the speed at which this order was processed was unbelievable!
Lori H.
LOOOOOVE iClick for the great product and customer service on USB drives. Always going above and beyond to make things work and when you can't make it work at your expense, you give solutions to what could be done in the best interest of the customer. Thanks!!!
Karridi M.
iClick does it again!!! Rush order, shipped early - what more can you say.
Nancy B.
One of the best suppliers I have worked with in the branded consumer product industry.
Scot S.
Wahoo! I love iClick more than I love sprinkles! JK. I love sprinkles a lot. But you're a close second. :)
Claire G.
I can't thank your staff enough (Jennifer, Jessica, Breann, Kristina, Art Dept) for the outstanding service. Your team really helped us to make this sale!
Nathan C.
I like the way your company was able to get a sample out to our customer fast so we could get the order for the pens. Great customer service.
Edna G.
I appreciate the quick turnaround of the virtual. The whole process was impressive!
Sam W.
My client was very pleased with our service and quality of order for such a last minute job. Thank you for your speedy and quality product that made me look great.
Tami M.
As usual iClick did an amazing job and saved my life by getting an order out in mere hours including uploading data.
Laurie D.
Wanted a very custom item, asked for similar samples, got them, they did a rendering that the client loved. Showed the samples and the rendering...sold the order!
David B.
I have been working with the same customer who was not able to make a decision regarding the purchase and had to ask iClick staff for several updated quotes. Never did I feel that I was bothering the staff about the continuous updated information. Always very helpful and did everything possible in order to get updated information to me as soon as possible. I appreciate knowing that my requests are always taken care of immediately. Thank you for the great customer service!
Kandice G.